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KELTEK Arc Flash Protection Kit (8-10 cal/cm2 HRC2)

  • Hard Hat- Type 1,Class E, dielectrically rated
  • Arc Flash Face Shield Kit- Arc Shield anti-fog coating ATPV = 10 cal/cm 2 with VLT 70%. Cap bracket and Chin protector 
  • Stanfields Balaclava - 360 head and neck protection when used with Arc Flash Face Shield.
  • Made from 49% Kermel (Arimid),49% Lenzing (FR Viscose),2% Spandex.ATPV = 13.7 cal/cm2
  • Safety Glasses - Clear lens, anti-fogging,anti-scratch and anti-static w/ 99.9% UV protection. Glasses meet ANSI Z87.1, 2003,CSA-Z94.3 standards
  • Insulating Rubber Gloves- Class o Type 1, Yellow,1 1" long, ANSI/ ASTM 0120,EN60903
  • Leather Protector Gloves- 10" Goatskin glove designed for use with Class 0 Rubber Glove. Always wear over Rubber Insulating Gloves to provide protection against cuts,abrasions and punctures
  • KELTEK Canvas Glove Protector Bags - Constructed of heavy duty canvas and double snap closure
  • KELTEK Arc Shield Protector Bags - Constructed of heavy duty material. Drawstring closure, helps preserve the quality of your Arc Shield 
  • KELTEK Arc Flash Protection Kit Storage Bag - Nylon cordura 30" x 74n x 13" c/w mesh pocket with zipper closure. Yellow refle tive lettering Arc Flash Protection'Custom lettering available

KELTEK Garments For Use With 8 cal/cm2  Kit

A7938  -  KELTEK Shirt- 7oz.lndura•UltraSoft• (ATPV = 8.7 cal/cm2
A7935  -   KELTEK Pant - 9oz. lndura•Ultra Soft•(ATPV = 12.4 cal/cm2
377S   -  KELTEK Premium Coverall (optional) - 7oz. lndura•Ultra Soft• Royal w/ mesh pkt. (ATPV = 8.7 cal/cm2

KELTEK Garments For Use With 10 cal/cm2 Kit

379S  -   KELTEK Premium Coverall- 9oz. lndura•Ultra Soft•(ATPV= 12.4 cal/cm2


Fabric Specs
Fabric Weight: 7oz or 9oz
Safety Specs
ATPV: 8-10 Cal/cm2
PPE Category (HRC): Cat 2